About Us


We are in the perfume sector from that first passionate moment when we began to discover the language of fragrances, the world. We established the perfume quality, expertise and unexplored creative fragrances of the world, the number one in the world. We produce fragrances for the love of perfume.

Amour de Parfum was born of love for smell. With the slogan ız The fragrance determines the past and the future of existence ler, we are the researchers of fragrance not only in our country but also in the international fields. We keep up with the developing technology with environmental awareness.

Our perfumes are prepared in accordance with the standards determined according to time, which should be in terms of climatic and location to the environment in terms of features other than general need. T. C. The Ministry of Health and European Union standards are cared for. The smell is the signature of the person. Different emotions in each tense, different senses. The same fragrance merges with different skins and is afflicted with the person and a new fragrance arises. This new fragrance only belongs to you.

Odor reminds, creates perception. Every smell has a character. You prefer fragrances that tell the best of yourself or give you the best feeling. You’il understand without talking. You leave nice impressions. For the perfumes that leave lasting effects and perfumes for every mood.

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